OpenBSD/mac68k used to run on many of the Motorola 680x0-based Apple Macintosh computers. It used to require a Motorola 68020 or better processor, with an external Motorola 68851 PMMU in case of a 68020.

The OpenBSD/mac68k port was discontinued after the 5.1 release.

There is currently no one working on bringing this port back to life. The source code is still available in the CVS Attic, and code can be found in NetBSD as well.

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The mac68k port of OpenBSD was derived from NetBSD/mac68k, and it used to support most of the same hardware as NetBSD.

Active building and testing of OpenBSD/mac68k was discontinued after OpenBSD 4.6 due to lack of interest with developers and builder.

Eventually the lack of a proper firmware interface, requiring the use of a MacOS application as the bootloader, with little or no possibility of updating this application to match progress in OpenBSD (let alone rebuild it with a free software toolchain) convinced the developers to give up supporting this port, and remove the code from the tree.

Supported hardware:

Supported models

OpenBSD/mac68k used to run on a large part of the 680x0-based Macintosh computers. The kernel itself had support for the following processor combinations:

The following Macintosh models used to be supported and tested. This means that at least the SCSI controller, serial console and on-board ethernet would function on these models. On some of these machines, a full 68040 CPU was required to replace the default 68LC040 CPU.

Supported devices

Untested systems

The following Macintosh models used to be untested, and/or lacked support for major subsystems.

Unsupported systems

Unsupported devices

Getting and installing OpenBSD/mac68k:

The last supported OpenBSD/mac68k release was OpenBSD 5.1.